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Data science/ML & Predictive Analytics for Business Performance

What makes Zeal Technologies approach to solving complex business problems unique is our ability to utilize the power of data science and machine learning technology to transform your data into a strategic, measurable, actionable and relevant execution plan. This plan is derived to maximize profitability and growth while minimizing and eliminating unintended consequences. The process left behind is highly efficient, self-correcting, easy to train and transformational. It transforms all staff into leaders by providing transparency and knowledge and the past present and future of your business and market place.

Zeal’s technology platform combined with Zeal AgilityTM (see technology and process section for more information) improvement methodologies deliver the optimal solution for many business functions at a value price (delivering ROI within 1 quarter). Our technology platform and data science: unravels any level of complexity, consolidates disparate data systems into a “single source of the truth” integrating legacy systems into a real-time dashboard allowing business executives to have visibility over critical issues driving their business in real time allowing for better decision making yielding efficiency, effective use of resources and increased profitably.

Below are six examples of where we have a proven track record of applying this technology and process to solve real world challenges.

Sales Performance Management (SPM)

While all business organizations strive to grow top line revenue and increase profitability, most if not all sales organizations are ill-equipped to efficiently and cost effectively manage their sales processes and sales performance management (SPM) strategy. This inability to execute is perhaps most evident from a technology perspective. While technology investments are made in sales data collection but not in the optimizing sales performance through planning, forecasting and predictive analytics.

Zeal has put together “best in class” sales process and SPM acumen and combined it with an integrated technology platform to automate sales processes and SPM systems. Zeal leverages its proprietary suite of Technology including Predictive Analytics -Machine Learning Planning and forecasting, Cost Analysis and flexible and customizable processes to drive sales planning.

  • Territory management
  • Quota management
  • Forecasting and accruals
  • Incentive compensation management
  • Automated what-if scenarios
  • Customer Management
  • Sales Pipeline management

We then direct/mentor the implementation of resource allocations into the team’s day-to-day activities delivering actionable information to management enabling transparency into operations through data mining, reporting, and reporting. Dashboards can be tailored for each role of your sales team. Our solution learns from results to continue process improvements over ongoing iterations.

Private Equity

The agility of our solution is uniquely suited to the diversity of industry and maturity of private equity portfolio companies. Our technology and experience will help optimize your investments in a very competitive industry to make sure to satisfy your investors. We initially target select companies and weak areas of planning; mentoring management to improve performance of their team. Zeal’s solution can be used on a company’s core business and/or on business areas such as sales performance, compliance, and financial planning. Our data science can also be applied to core technologies that have large volumes of data or need lightning fast decision making.

Machine learning and cost analysis can also be applied to a private equity company’s acquisition process to quickly and accurately measure a company’s potential performance. We can also provide our solution to optimize your company’s resources to your existing portfolio to make sure time is spent where it can have the most impact on profitability.

Having our solution available to potential acquisitions help a private equity company distinguish its brand and gives them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Being known as a technology leader in the acquisition and management of a portfolio can be the additional criteria that creates “wins” for portfolio managers.

IT Shared Services

While all businesses use some level of shared service to maximize their resources and create controls for their businesses and in many cases shared services work efficiently and help achieve the desired results. These functions do come with some level of challenges which are different in different organizations.

Zeal uses a customized approach of data science, an integrated technology platform, predictive analytics and dynamic dashboard reporting to help shared service organizations better support the business processes and achieve better results, all while improving clarity and communication between users and providers.

Zeal helps to ensure success by directing and mentoring the implementation of our solution with our shared services process domain and technology experts. Your internal resources become experts on optimized shared services processes, and our data science provides precise data driven allocations for providers and users of all shared services. As a result, guesswork and debating is replaced by clear direction for a cohesive team that manages tighter controls and operates with a deep understanding of how costing and budgeting should be allocated.

The performance measurement component of our integrated technology platform will provide exacting transparency to all IT shared services cost, and take millions of dollars out of your IT shared services budget. (Depending on the size of the organization, these cost analysis and cost reductions could reach tens of millions of dollars or more). With our low risk agile approach, we provide results measured in weeks and months rather than the marathon years of large consulting firms.

Operations are made more efficient through data mining, real-time reporting and reporting/dashboards, all tailored for each role of your team. Zeal’s machine learning CPI (continuous process improvement) learns from results of the data science to continuously optimize your shared services operations. We believe in right-sizing your processes to provide the control you need without the overhead of unnecessary effort and inefficient functionality.

Finally, Our data science can predict IT shared services costs in the future, and then feed built-in technology controls. This provides complete transparency to all IT operations while predictive analytics boost your teams confidence as leaders who can proactively manage and control IT costs with accurate allocations.

Zeal’s driven results will continue to expand as we apply our approach to a broader set of processes and departments. As we progress through the process your data accuracy, trust will expand and the collective knowledge of key drivers will grow. This will lead to continued improvements and more refined understanding of key, high impact business drivers.

Supply Chain and Procurement Systems

Managing your supply chain effectively and efficiently is critical to corporate profitability. To accomplish this it is essential transform the supply chain, demand and sale and operations planning processes by building a collaborative platform to enable real time decisions by connecting supply chain plans with other enterprise plans like finance and sales. Zeal technologies and tools easily, quickly and at low cost provide your company with the capability to respond to changing markets leading to reduced risk and lower cost. The components of this solution include:

  • Product portfolio management
  • Demand planning (Utilizing advanced Machine Learning and predictive Analytics)
  • Supply planning (Utilizing advanced Machine Learning and predictive Analytics)
  • Sales and operations planning (Utilizing advanced Machine Learning and predictive Analytics)
  • Strategic policy management

Zeal’s product portfolio management tools allow organizations to effectively optimize their product mix while increasing market share and profitability. Demand planning creates a holistic view of data and trends so businesses can avoid surprises and adjust for market disruptions and demand variations. Supply planning insures the right product in the right place at the right time. Zeal’s platform and technology tools offer collaboration and visibility across suppliers, distributors and production facilities so that planners can place orders accurately. Our tools allow sales and operations management to easily adjust operational plans and test scenarios to recalibrate models to sync with fluctuating business requirements. Strategic policy management allows business users to analyze factors like volume and growth to create policies and drivers for a diverse group of customers and products.

The Zeal integrated platform enables your company to aggregate data from your supply chain, sales, marketing finance and customer data on a single easy to use platform. This platform supports unlimited “what if” planning and modeling scenarios that can be shared and updated by impacted business process participants.

Zeal data specialists assist with data validation and consolidation to insure accuracy and security.

Compliance (Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Manufacturing, etc.)

We applied Data Science & Predictive Analytics to compliance because of the fact that our research told us this business process is ideally targeted for Machine Learning to have a significant impact given our current modeling capabilities. In talking to industry executives and leaders we discovered that there is a huge need, in this sector and that current systems are not equipped to predict and prevent costly noncompliance events.

Our integrated technology platforms allow compliance professionals from all over the world to collaborate easily and efficiently. Analyzing data, planning, forecasting and creating “what if” scenarios allows management to control the costs of compliance and minimize the risks. Adding our data science and machine learning capabilities optimizes the process.

Further the news of the Machine Learning functionality will work to reduce the number of violations as workers begin to scrutinize their own work and understand that there are ramifications to negligent or intentional disregard for procedures and policies.

Our solution continues to assist helping with testing and providing technology vastly superior to spreadsheets. Results of testing and investigation are used by our machine learning to continually optimize discovery and testing.

We use these learning’s to determine root cause allowing us to streamline your processes making them more efficient on Continuous Improvement Pathway.

Trade and Promotional Rebate

Trade and promotional rebate programs are ideal candidates to be optimized by Zeal technologies and solutions. Zeal’s collaborative platform provides the foundation for our application solutions to minimize the costs of these programs and increasing the profits from these programs. Most significantly, our machine learning and data science capabilities are uniquely suited to analyze large volumes of internal data (and external data such as customer buying trends and preferences) to give management accurate and timely information to create and manage these important marketing programs.

The overall purpose of this solution is to optimize the ROI on trade and promotional spend. We can move potential customers from Awareness to Purchase more efficiently and tell you which part of your marketing spend is driving results. There are five major components of the process that can be used separately or connected together using our collaborative platform. These are:

  • Profitability planning
  • Demand planning
  • Promotion planning
  • Promotion optimization
  • ROI analysis

These components manage promotion budgets and allow managers to collaboratively plan at both aggregate and detailed levels, and easily add and adjust campaigns and products.

These tools will create and optimal promotion plan integrating your company’s, distributors and end customer demand across all products, geographies and time periods. We accomplish this by enabling cross-enterprise promotions alignment integrating top down and bottoms up planning and analysis. Managers have an easy to use ability to create unlimited “what if” scenarios to test hypotheses and the affect of alternative decisions on any promotion’s ROI.

To Accomplish these benefits we provide a unified roles based reporting dashboard bringing actionable information to every level of the organization making decision making simple and accurate. This real time information can be used to quickly course correct as needed to adapt to market changes and reduce unintended consequences. We also enable data integration and master data maintenance. Our experienced staff assists in all of these activities to minimize your company’s IT resources and cost and to insure top security.

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