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Zeal Technologies makes Data Science, ML (machine learning) and predictive analytics simple, actionable and relevant to your business processes today. Our solutions are fast and turnkey, and our agile support system ensures a results-driven implementation to rapidly meet your changing business conditions.

Our business performance platform unravels big data complexity for your business by using data science, predictive analytics and our proprietary, agile professional services to create flexible, efficient solutions custom fit to specific business needs.

At the heart of our solution is data science, which has the inherent, readily available ability to transform business performance for any organization regardless of size or the business function or business process in question.

Zeal makes data science and predictive analytics accessible to any sized business in any industry. We take the complexity out of data science, demystifying data and making it simple and seamless to access. Massive, disparate and ever-changing data sets are transformed into actionable, organized information flows and predictive models that provide management the essential tools to make optimum decisions in highly competitive and constantly changing business environments.

Data Science and Professional Services

Our Approach is Unique.

Zeal shows a clear path with non-disruptive implementations to the efficiencies and transformation of business processes delivered by data science…and we do so without:

  • Investment in additional IT infrastructure
  • Costly consultants
  • Interfering in current business operations
  • Any additional workload for internal staff
  • Any incremental long-term cost….in fact each data science solution application carries a significant ROI

Zeal’s data services, CPI (continuous process improvement) and executive dashboard reporting provides key decision makers the forward looking information they need when they need it, allowing management of the business into the future. This is a stark contrast to the current, widely used business performance technologies than clean up the rear-view mirror in the hopes that history might be the driver of future results.

Zeal’s data science leverages technology to transform business performance today…for results tomorrow.

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We are different.

Our Data Science is straight-forward, low risk, and designed to show significant value in 3 months.  We engage and implement simply, easily, cost-effectively and without any extra burden on your internal resources. Our timetable to achieve business process improvement is measured in weeks and months rather than years. Equally significant is that our data science business process applications carry a significant ROI in addition to the process automation and the process optimization we deliver.

Zeal offers pre-configured data science business applications such as: SPM (sales performance management), Shared Services. Supply Chain & Procurement Systems, Compliance & Risk Management, Trade & Retail Rebates, and Private Equity Portfolio Management/Performance.

Zeal also has a flexible architecture and a professional services team with exceptionally broad cross-industry expertise, enabling us to create a data science solution application for just about any business process dysfunction.

Data science and predictive analytics have no boundaries in improving business process performance, and Zeal is uniquely and specifically designed to demonstrate this reality.

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