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Our Team that Brings Data Science/ML to your Business Processes

The Zeal Technology Group has assembled a unique combination of technologists, software engineers, data scientists, business analysts, implementation specialists, domain experts and former corporate executives on a single solution platform.

The Zeal team has foundational education roots grounded in some of the very best business schools, including Wharton, Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Kellogg, among others.

Our collective resumes include operational and executive positions at companies including IBM, GE, Lockheed Martin, Comcast, Johnson & Johnson, HP and AT&T, as well as entrepreneurial success at many technology startups.

Our agile professional services team has worked upwards of a hundred successful technology automation and data science projects that have increased business performance through process improvement, productivity efficiencies, process automation, cost reduction and overall profitability.

Every Zeal project delivers optimal technology process automation, predictive analytics and business insights that – together – deliver near-term business value and a significant ROI.

Additionally, several Zeal advisors and partners have experience in the private equity industry. As a result, they have a keen understanding of the pressures and challenges unique to this business segment. Significantly, several of our successful projects have been conducted through private equity firms.

Our mission is to cost-effectively solve complex business problems by bringing together our proprietary, data-science driven integrated technology platform with our cross-industry executive experience and domain expertise. The synergy between our technology and our team is what delivers real, tangible results for our clients. Click here to see our list of our business technology solution applications.

The Zeal Technologies Group was formed on the vision of a Bell Labs environment for applying cutting edge technologies, data science and predictive analytics to solve complex business issues, problems and challenges. This approach allows free-thinking in considering the application of machine learning technology that is at present in a nascent stage, yet poised to change the world.

We have re-created this unique environment by configuring a group of exceptionally skilled technologists, software developers, engineers and data scientists who are expertly familiar with cutting edge data mining and machine learning technology, and combined these capabilities with the savvy of seasoned C level executives, business process experts, and domain specialists.

One ‘absolute truth’ that we believe is the business dynamic that NO single technology can solve or resolve complex business problems on its own. Guided by this underlying principle, our Symetry labs has designed, architected and constructed a powerful, proprietary, integrated technology platform in a flexible architecture that learns and adapts to provide a revolutionary breakthrough for process efficiency and productivity.

Our project implementation teams have successfully implemented hundreds of performance management, data science technology implementations carrying enormous ROI’s in addition to the process automation and predictive analytics to manage your business into the future. Unlike the national consultants and ERP vendors, our success is measured in weeks and months not months and years…and without expensive, interfering and inexperienced consultants looking for billable hours.

Our data science solutions are implemented quickly without large investments in IT infrastructure. Then, after hands on training of your staff by data scientists, you are given the keys to managing your business in the future – an easy-to-operate automated Six Sigma CPI (continuous process improvement) infrastructure driven by our machine learning platform that provides continuous improvement as your business evolves and grows into the future.

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